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      According to Techbuff Rachna
Influencer Marketing is the mix of Offline & Digital Marketing entertaining the most cost-effective way of fulfilling marketing goals by hiring the ones who already have the target audience to make brand awareness or generate leads.

Influence-marketer-in-Real-estate, Traditional-vs-Influencer-Marketing

Traditional Marketing is the conventional way of marketing which encashes several offline & media methods which are most of the times, money & time consuming whereas Influencer marketing is the modernist approach to the marketing which is concentrated on encashng the existing following of the Influencer. 

Traditional Marketing consists of different posts of staff distributed in a hierarchy such as Sales & Marketing Executive, Sales Team Leader, Sales Supervisor, Marketing Manager,  General Manager & then CEO. All of these hierarchical posts cost a huge money & time consumption which can be saved through new ways of marketing.

Why do you need to hire an Influencer?

If you want to earn money in a short time or you want to take your business to the peak or give it a luxurious branding of your product or services, then you have to leave the traditional style of marketing. 

Influencer marketing works on One Principle Phrase – Sale But Not Sell. Bloggers in different domains who have already influenced huge following on different social media channels can be hired to influence their followers to buy a particular product.

Followers not only have faith in these influencers but also get to see them trying the product before making any purchase. The biggest difference in advertisement promotion & influencing is that followers can relate themselves better to these influencers than celebrities on T.V

But the Influencer Marketing Programme turns out to be successful only if you have chosen the right influencer to promote the right product. Every influencer serves a different niche as they have a different set of followers.

Instagram has turned out to be the most attention-grabbing social media platform for Targeted Audience. Statistics have shown that nearly 70% of the audiences present on Instagram has made the decision to buy at least something on Instagram in an influence. 

Keeping such audiences out of the radar & allowing competitors to encash such an audience before you can be an expensive mistake.