Techbuff Rachna Full Story – Rags To Riches

Real Estate Expert & Digital marketing inspiration


“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination. Only the one who starts at some point in time, achieve goals.”

She didn’t have any mentor when she started apart from the values that she gained from her parents throughout her childhood. But she was going to be self-learner as if she was making her own set of rules to lead the world. It was not that she was going to follow the rules rather world was going to follow her footsteps.

Hailing from Delhi, Mrs Rachna Sharma (Priyadarshini Awardee), India’s first Woman Entrepreneur in Real Estate & founder of– successfully running large Business Empire today. The teenage girl in Xth class who couldn’t even afford to own a watch to keep a track of time in board exams has now grown to a successful businesswoman in such a short time. She has also founded IIDMR (Indian Institute of Digital Marketing Research) where she also takes time from her busy schedule to meet up students to share her knowledge and experiences of business. Yes, we were equally curious to know her whole journey as you are now.

21years old girl headed alone to Mumbai to join as a consultant to Real Estate Company. Dependence of Real Estate Company on her work & her thirst for learning couldn’t stop her to board a flight from Delhi to Mumbai in the morning & vice versa in the evening, daily after closing the deals. Her hard work made her progress by leaps and bounds. Her style of work was soon to be started following by others.

But as they say, ‘It’s just a lull before the storm’.

Soon, she realized that she was in a male-dominated arena. She was not getting credit as she deserved for her hard work. It made her take a brave decision to leave the job. Rachna didn’t allow this incident to affect her, in fact, she took it as a challenge which was going to be the first step towards the road to success.

Finally, Rachna decided to start her own entrepreneurial journey. Due to lack of necessary funds & office area, she started approaching investors sharing her idea in her network but nobody practically believed a girl to be in a Realty sector. Whatever money she had saved from her previous job, she invested that to start calling over the phone to prospective clients to gain some deals. But she was still struggling to crack the deals as she had no office.

As they say, “Those who are drowning get the help of a twig”.

She cracked her first deal when she needed the most. She was left with only 8rs when she cracked the deal in Sonepat area for an industrial unit worth 1.5Crore. That successful closure of deal was followed by many other deals later on. She didn’t even borrow a single penny from her parents yet she made herself an asset. She earned herself first office at the posh area, D Mall Netaji Subhash Place in a very short time. From then, she never looked back.

But she was still not satisfied, a Social entrepreneur was hidden in her somewhere. So, she decided to hire all women staff at her office to support women empowerment. She doesn’t want any woman to suffer from, that she’s has been from.

At the advent of the recession in the Real estate market in 2008, property developers began struggling to sell the property. Online media started gaining in the same phase and that’s when property portals got popular. Developers relied on these portals to sell their stock. With the change in the way of selling a property, she decided not to stay behind and launched property portal ‘’ in 2011. Within a quarter of a year, it crossed all other portals in the google rankings. It’s easy to browse & smooth interface allowed users to surf the correct requirement in the shortest time. In a short span of time, it had become the most popular portal across the real estate market. To keep her pace steady, she hired all the required staff including SEO & Google analytics team to keep herself on the top of the business. She expanded her business to U.P, Haryana, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Goa & Uttarakhand. Now the sky was the limit. The business started running like never before.

Apart from Property portal, her contribution to the realty sector started getting recognition. Her regular on ground visits on the construction sites, survey reports on projects & making buyers aware of all the good & bad in a particular project kept developers on the toes & made her favourite among buyers. The government of India was not behind to recognize her effort in the Real estate. She was awarded from Cabinet Minister Smt. Nejma Heptullah and Shri Kalraj Mishra for her contribution in Real Estate. Rachna Sharma had already proven herself superior to men in the male-dominated sector. Her success in the realty sector became a milestone for several women looking to enter the realty sector and opened the doors of reality sector for them.

Today she believes that digitization is going to change the way of doing business all over the world. She proudly believes in the vision of Shri Narendra Modi on Digital India. To take it forward, Mrs Rachna launched Digital Marketing Institute in 2015 after gaining so much experience from her own businesses online. IIDMR (Indian Institute of Digital Marketing Research) has gained a lot of popularity since then. After such a huge success in Digital marketing & her innovative approach for new ideas of marketing, Rachna Sharma now famously started knowing as Techbuff Rachna. Again her social service kept biting her and Techbuff Rachna thought now this is the time to give it back to the society. She offered Free Digital Marketing Course for the families of army veterans’ to fulfil her social responsibility towards the nation.

To make youth self-reliant, she conducted a lot of interactive sessions with students in her own institute. Not only that, her sessions are in huge demand across various colleges where students looking to begin their startup. Rachna Sharma encourages youth and women to take lead in the market.

Apart from Rachna’s Professional life, she has played an equally important role in her personal life. She keeps a balance between personal & professional life by giving ample time in fulfilling her responsibilities for her family. She is a fantastic cook & likes to spend a quality time with her 14year old son & husband.  She believes living life at the fullest & go on vacation putting her online business on the remote.

Her success in Realty & Digital world can’t be described in words. She has always kept her moving on the motto, “Never be satisfied with what you achieved, next goal still waiting to be adopted”.