Hacks to become a successful Real estate Entrepreneur Digitally

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Entrepreneur or Mentor which roles defines you the best?

I believe only a successful Entrepreneur can be a Mentor for someone. If I am being  a mentor for newcomers then I believe it’s a huge achievement for me as entrepreneur.

Three must have qualities an Entrepreneur must have?

Visionary – Must have a vision for the business.

Decision Maker – An entrepreneur has to take brave decision. Risk taking abilities are must.

Observer – Nobody talks about it but I believe an entrepreneur can become successful only if he learn from his own mistakes & don’t repeat them. But Smart Entrepreneur is someone who keep an eye on other’s mistake & implement on their own business. For that, one needs to be fantastic observer.

What is the best thing about Real Estate?

Real Estate is the only sector which fulfils both the prospects – Investment & Utility. Sometimes investors confuse it as a trading option, lose their patience & sell out of it.

But one must understand that it has to be given equal respect for long term investment. Land is the asset class which gives output rather input as time passes.

What is the best thing about Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has turned out to become the best way of marketing & I think it is going to stay for at least for another decade. What I like the most about it is targeting the customers. We can choose the audience whom we want to put our efforts & money on.

At the same time, tracking the performance of the advertisement & getting ROI was never possible with any other means of advertisement.

What are the precautions one should take before buying into Real Estate?

Real Estate is not a trading tool. One must not quick trade with the prices of the property. Also, for investors, they will never be able to do proper due-diligence on the property projects as you never know which fish is going to pollute the whole tank.

One huge mistake they commit is they don’t hire a consultant for them who don’t have any direct commission in the selling of these projects.

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